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Walker Talk At Mini Camp

The Packers opened their three – day mandatory mini camp today in Green Bay.

Between the two – a – day practice sessions, and meetings reviewing play books, was talk about the news that former Packers receiver Javon Walker was attacked outside a Las Vegas resort, beaten, and left unconscious on a sidewalk early Monday morning. He reportledy was robbed of $3,000 in cash, and $100,000 in jewelry.

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Packers middle linebacker Nick Barnett told reporters “ we used to go out when he was here. Again, it just goes to show you can’t be too careful these days.”

The Packers locker room is still shook over the random break-in at Noah Herron’s home two weeks ago that made national headlines.

It has been a steady decline of setbacks and poor decisions for Javon Walker since his final season with the Packers. Former Fullback William Henderson talked of how he was trying to sell Green Bay's lifestyle to the talented 2002 first round pick.

Three years ago this month, having tangled in the media with Brett Favre about wanting to re-negotiate his contract with new GM Ted Thompson, Walker held a celebrity softball game at Miller Park, the first of it's kind at the new ballpark. A VIP "B" list of movie, TV, media, and sports stars flew in to Milwaukee for the two – day event. 18,000 fans ( over twice as many as Favre’s annual softball event) showed up and paid cash for tickets, raising funds that went to a local charity for poor working women. Walker’s controversial agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was booed like the villain in a melodrama during his turn at bat. It was a network highlight that night.

Walker missed some time during training camp that summer saying his hamstring was bothering him. Or was it his really his contract?

Opening day of the 2005 season in Detroit, Walker raced down the right sideline in front of the Lions bench on a fly pattern. He collapsed holding his knee. Torn ACL. End of season.

The following April he was traded to the Denver Broncos on draft day. He had a good season in 2006. Then on New Year's Eve Walker found himself in the back of a limo holding his Bronco teammate Darrent Williams, 24, as he bled to death after being shot outside a Denver nightclub. The bullet just missed Walker.

Following a second surgery, Walker's knee gave out in 2007. He ended up missing most of the season. I spotted him sitting alone, in the dark, in an empty section of the press box, quietly watching Favre and the improved Packers battle the young, rebuilding Broncos.

I was on the field in the end zone, directly behind Favre as he threw the spectacular 85 – yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings. I looked to the pressbox at the empty section on the far right end where Walker was sitting. I could see his silhouette as he rose from his chair and headed for the elevator.

After being released by the Broncos, crazy Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders signed Walker to a 6-year deal worth $55 million, $16 guaranteed.

Sunday night Walker was spraying champagne on partygoers in Las Vegas. Why he ended up bruised and beaten on a sidewalk at 7a.m. the next morning remains under investigation.

Why Walker wasn’t working out at the Raiders facility, or at the Athletes Performance Institute in Tempe, AZ, to get that body ready to make the team in Oakland is something only Walker can answer.

Mini – Camp Open To Public

The Packers morning sessions, which begin at 10:15am Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are open to the public, and will likely be held inside the Don Huston center. Practices last about 2 hours. Park in the Lambeau Field parking lot across Oneida Street.

– Mike Clemens

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