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Favre Wants Release

The Packers will likely stick to their guns. Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback.

I've been wondering why after a week – and – a – half, no media organization has sent a reporter to Mississippi to get some answers out of the Favre camp.

Chris Mortensen, ESPN, must have wondered the same thing. He acted, and got on a plane, and got the story.

Favre had a teleconference with Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and Bus Cook Tuesday morning.

Favre made it clear he now wants to come back to play, and if it's too late to still be the starter in Green Bay, then release him so he can find another team to hook up with.

"Mort" watched Favre work out today throwing passes to high school kids.

Click Here: Mortensen On Favre Status

(A quick story about Mortensen. He broke the story that Favre would return in April, 2006, after that horrible 4 & 12 season in 2005 that cost Mike Sherman his job.

Mortensen and other ESPN commentators had been talking up quarterback Jay Cutler, who was drafted by the Broncos. There are many in NFL media circles that think the additional focus on Butler was a favor to Bus Cook, who represents Cutler, in exchange for tips on Favre stories. Not to take away anything from Mortensen. Just sometimes how business is done out there.)

The Packers responded to Mortensen's story with a press release to the media, not from GM Ted Thompson, but from the team's Director of Media Relations, Jeff Blumb.

It's a way to dodge direct quotes from Thompson right now, as he tries to figure out how to deal with this sticky situation:

The Green Bay Packers are aware of the latest developments regarding Brett Favre.
Brett earned and exercised the right to retire on his terms. We wanted him to return and welcomed him back on more than one occasion. Brett’s press conference and subsequent conversations in the following weeks illustrated his commitment to retirement.
The finality of his decision to retire was accepted by the organization. At that point, the Green Bay Packers made the commitment to move forward with our football team. As a retired player, Brett has the option to apply for reinstatement with Commissioner Goodell.  If that were to occur, he would become an active member of the Green Bay Packers.  As always, the Packers will do what’s right and in the best interest of the team.
As with all Packers greats, Brett’s legacy will always be celebrated by our fans and the organization, regardless of any change in his personal intentions. Brett and Deanna will always be a part of the Packers family.
Shortly after this messaged was released to the media, a WSSP staffer received a text message from a team source. Favre had second thoughts following his farewell press conference March 6th, and after changing his mind back and forth, the team told him he could return in the role of a back-up to Aaron Rodgers.
Not long after that, Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer, who broke the Favre retirement story March 4th, filed this report:

A source in Minnesota says that there have already been "inquiries" about Favre getting a 1 to 2 year deal with the Vikings.  
And why not? Darrell Bevell is the offensive coordinator there, who worked with Favre as an offensive assistant and quarterback coach for five years in Green Bay, 2000 to 2005.
Cook will argue with Thompson, 'hey, if you let Ryan Longwell and Darren Sharper become free agents, who crossed the state line to the Vikings, why not Brett?'
Good luck with that, Bus.
– Mike Clemens 

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