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Favre Retires From Jets

We were tempted to use the headline “Favre Retires, Again.”

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But if Brett Favre has truly played his last game in the NFL, then this is not a time for cynicism.

Despite Favre’s folly last year, retiring from the Packers, then changing his mind, you can not deny the most important aspect of his 18 – year career.

The streak.

291 consecutive starts. 291 times he answered the bell in a brutal sport. How Favre managed to play so well for so long will forever be an amazing feat.

He leaves with a record 169 wins. And a landmark 100 defeats.

The most career touchdown passes. The most career interceptions.

Favre came back to lead the Jets from 4 & 12 to 8 & 3 in November, atop their division, with a legit shot at the post-season. He threw a career record 6 TD’s in a single game, in a blowout win over the Cardinals, who went on to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. His number "4" Jets jersey was the number 1 selling NFL collectable.

December found Favre and the Jets losing 4 of their last 5 games. Favre threw only 2 TD’s, and 9 picks down that stretch.

With their playoff hopes hanging by a thread, the Jets lost to the Dolphins in the final game of the regular season to Chad Pennington, the quarterback New York cut to make room for Favre.

Now the question is…when does the healing between Favre and the Packers begin?


There are a lot of scars.

Favre left the Packers believing the organization, despite building a solid core of young players that took him to 13-3 and the NFC Championship, had failed in getting him the veteran free agents needed to win another Super Bowl. Favre was “not in the right frame of mind” to continue in Green Bay, according to Mike McCarthy after 6 hours of face-to-face meetings on the eve of the 2008 training camp. He questioned GM Ted Thompson's roster decisions.

We reported here first that Favre was in contact with the Vikings to see if Minnesota had any interest in his services. The Packers filed a tampering charge against their NFC North foes, that was later dismissed by the league. I believe he Vikings at fault. It was Favre who initiated those calls.

Favre questioned Thompson's roster moves openly in his interview with media ally Greta Van Susteren. A phone call from former Lions GM Matt Millen, who claimed he was offering Favre to go hunting in New Jersey, turned into a briefing session about the Packers tendencies with Detroit’s coaching staff.

And as recently as the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers revealed that Favre has failed to return any of his phone calls since the team lost to the Giants in the NFC Championship.

I don’t think Favre is truly retired from playing in the NFL until all 32 teams have decided they don’t want him. Today's decision means Favre doesn’t want to return to the Jets. The slump at the end of the season cost the head coach, Eric Mangini his job, and Favre would rather pass on adapting to yet another new coaching staff in New York.

Favre suffered a shoulder injury that nagged him at the end of the season. He took a lot of shots. He may be looking at a job on Sunday's talking about the NFC on television. Perhaps Fox TV. Maybe ESPN, who he has been in contact with during the offseason. 

But what if a team that plays in a dome calls him?

Now that’s something different.

– Mike Clemens

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