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Favre Fails To Return Rodgers Call

Aaron Rodgers says he is troubled that Brett Favre has failed to return his calls for over a year.

"At some point I wish he would just reach out to me,” said Rodgers during a 10 – minute interview on the Michael Irvin Show, on Radio Row in the Super Bowl XLIII Media Center in Tampa Bay, Thursday. The interview aired live on 103.3 FM ESPN, Dallas.

Click Here: Rodgers Interview on 103.3FM-ESPN 

Following Favre’s tearful farewell press conference March 6th last year, he dropped hints on “Late Show with David Letterman” in April that “something was bound to happened” after he had yet to file his retirement papers with the NFL.

By the start of training camp in late July, Favre found himself in the middle of a messy, public divorce.

While the team went through their offseason condition program, drafted two quarterbacks, held two mini camps, and a dozen OTA sessions, Favre continued to re-think his decision regarding his retirement.

Rodgers was asked by Irvin “Does that have an effect on a team?”

It does,” replied Rodgers. “How can it not have an effect?”

Rodgers talked about how uncomfortable it was when Favre returned to the Lambeau Field offices Sunday, August 2nd, a week into training camp, to meet with Packers GM Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

“When he flew into Green Bay the day of the Family Night Scrimmage,” said Rodgers,” I mean that was….talk about an awkward locker room. I’ve been “the guy” since March. And then everybody is like ‘what’s going to happen?’ Brett’s going to come back? Or, Aaron’s is going to the guy? Are they going to compete for the job?  Nobody knows what’s going on.”

“Of course that’s going to effect your team,” said Rodgers.

Irvin and his co-host Kevin Kiley asked Rodgers how he perceived his working relationship was with Favre during their three years together with the Packers.

“I was under the impression that it was good,” he told Irwin. “We got along very well, especially the third year. The last year, in ’07, we had no other quarterbacks on the roster. It was just me and him. We saw each other every day. Joked around with each other every day. He knew how I felt about him. I had the utmost amount of respect for him. And to not to have talked to him in over a year?  That’s disappointing.”
The Packers were eliminated in overtime in the NFC Championship by the New York Giants, who went on to upset the Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII.

“When we lost to the Giants, we left as friends,” Rodgers said. “And I haven’t talked to him in over a year, and that’s where it is at.”

Irvin asked Rodgers why didn’t he call Favre in the past year.

“I did” Rodgers replied.

“You called him, and he didn’t call you back?” asked Irvin.

Rodgers nodded yes.

Kiley asked was Favre distant from the rest of the locker room in his final years with the Packers, even as they made their run at the NFC Championship?

“To be honest, I don’t want to talk about any of that,” replied Rodgers.

Rodgers said that after Favre was traded to the Jets, his teammates rallied around him. How many of the players actually came up to him personally, one-on-one, to offer their support?

“Honestly? Just about all of them," said Rodgers, "which I can’t tell you how special that was. Just about all of them. They came up to me at some point during training camp, or text messaged me or called me outside the stadium.”

The Packers finished 6 & 10, as Rodgers threw for over 4,000 yards passing, with 28 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. 

– Mike Clemens 

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