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Driver’s Father Says Houston PD Beat Him

The father of Packers wide receiver Donald Driver says he was beaten by Houston police following after being pulled over for a traffic violation. Marvin Driver Jr. says officers took him behind a gasoline station around 2am, and where he suffered a severe beating. 

CLICK HERE: FOX26 Houston on Driver father assault report 

Unfortunately, you know as well as I do that this story would probably not have received media attention had it not been for the fact that Marvin Driver is the father of an NFL football star.

If the report is accurate, the Houston Police Department has a serious problem on their hands.

In 2007, Greg Jennings believed he was the victim of racial profiling when he was pulled over late at night in his home town of Kalamazoo, Michigan, simply because he was a young black man in an expensive SUV.

Jennings said he knew something was different when he overheard the police dispatcher say over the radio "It's Greg Jennings, the football star," and was immediately let go by the arresting officer.  Jennings filed a complaint with the department, but took no further action. The chief issued a brief apology.

Sometimes is takes a famous person to experience an act of discrimination or a hate crime to remind us that bigotry and prejudice still thrive in America.

– Mike Clemens 

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